Case Theme: What Is It, and How Do You Establish It?

Lowell divorce caseAn important question you should ask yourself if you are considering taking your Lowell divorce case to trial is to ask why you want to do so. You should discuss your intentions and your desires with your Lowell family law attorney to decide whether it would be worth the time and expense to go to trial.

Any successful Lowell divorce case relies on building a case around a theme and successfully proving that theme. Your case theme will be determined by the facts of your case and what you hope to accomplish. You should ask yourself this question about your Lowell divorce case: What are you trying to prove, and how do you prove it? In some cases, the theme might be that one spouse, often the wife, needs a significant asset and support award in order to be able to maintain a living following the divorce because she has been out of the workforce for so long raising her children. If infidelity is a factor in the Lowell divorce case, another aspect of the story might be that the family enjoyed a comfortable lifestyle until the husband began cheating on his wife and spending extravagant amounts of their money on gifts for his mistress.

A Lowell family law attorney would start by researching the relevant law in his jurisdiction. What factors does the law say are most relevant to dividing assets and awarding child support and alimony? Is there a presumption in favor of alimony or child support to either party? These questions must be answered in order to make the best case for your theme that the law would accommodate.

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