A Divorce Attorney in Lowell, MA Discusses College Tuition

Divorce Attorney in Lowell, MAEveryone understands the issues of child custody and support, but many fail to realize that courts are increasingly recognizing a child’s need for access to higher education. As the cost of college tuition increases exponentially, a divorce attorney in Lowell, MA emphasizes the benefit of having this issue included in any separation agreement.

How the Court Views College Tuition

An important point to realize is that if your divorce lawyer in Lowell can craft an agreement with the opposing party, the court need not be involved. All too often, however, the parties fail to consider the matter. Absent an agreement, different judges have different perspectives on what is equitable. Examples of the split of costs an experienced divorce attorney in Lowell reports include:

• A 50% split between the respective parents
• A 33% split among each of the parents and the child
• A specific dollar amount that each parent should contribute on a yearly basis

Seldom is a court imposed resolution satisfactory to either party.

The Issues to Consider in Achieving an Agreement

An initial factor to consider is whether or not a plan was in place prior to the failure of the marriage, and perhaps specific assets set aside for that purpose. Other issues may include loans available to the student, grants, scholarships and the incomes of the respective parties.

Practical considerations to consider:

• What is the reasonable cost of a good college? A Divorce lawyer in Lowell, MA points out that private tuition varies greatly from that of publicly supported institutions.
• What costs are involved other than tuition, such as books, supplies and living expense?
• What can offset the costs, such as scholarships, awards or financial aid?

It is far better to consider these matters and come to some resolution with the counsel of a divorce attorney in Lowell than to leave it to the prerogative of the court.

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