FAQ: Will I Have to Testify In Court About My Divorce?

Lowell Family Law LawyerYour divorce will probably require you to testify in court at certain intervals, depending on the issues involved and how your Lowell family law lawyer and you are choosing to proceed. You will probably have to testify briefly at the final “prove-up” hearing, which is the final step in the process after you and your spouse have finally reached a divorce agreement.

At this hearing, your Lowell family law lawyer and the opposing lawyer will present the final agreement to the court for court approval. At this hearing, your testimony will be somewhat routine and will probably not need a large amount of preparation with your Lowell divorce attorney.

There are other court hearings that will require you to testify with the help of your Lowell family law lawyer called preliminary hearings. These are somewhat more complicated and generally revolve around issues of discovery or temporary matters, such as a request for temporary child support.

Prior to your testifying, your Lowell family law lawyer and you will discuss the subjects that will be at issue and what you should say during your testimony. If you have any questions at all about the process, make sure you ask your Lowell divorce attorney. They have done this many times before, and you are probably new to this. No question is too simple.

Make sure you are prepared for your divorce hearings. Get help from an experienced Lowell family law lawyer. Call the Law Office of Bruce A. Gage at 978-384-1078 or 877-829-0831.

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