Deposing the Spouse on Involvement in the Family Business

Lowell divorce court lawyerWhen a family business is an issue in a divorce proceeding, often the role of the other spouse in the business becomes a matter of contention. If your spouse is arguing for compensation from helping with a business, a Lowell divorce court lawyer can help.

A Lowell Divorce Court Attorney Discusses Spousal Involvement in a Family Business
As your Lowell divorce court lawyer will tell you, all too often a family business falls into disarray when a spouse tries to fight to have it included in the marital estate. Your spouse may have assisted with tasks in the business for which she or he feels remuneration now should be considered. After all, the argument may follow, doesn’t a company usually hire an individual to answer phones, make sales or keep books?

Your Lowell divorce court lawyer may argue that an implicit understanding existed that the helping spouse’s assistance was not to be compensated, so it should not be paid after the fact. Regardless, should this become an issue, your attorney will need to depose your spouse in court

A Lowell Divorce Lawyer on Matters That May Be Included in a Deposition
The deposition questions will be geared toward showing that the spouse willingly assisted with the business with no intention of being paid. As such, the questions should involve the nature of the work performed, how often the spouse helped, any benefits he or she received, etc.

A Lowell Divorce Court Attorney Will Fight for Your Rights
If you are divorcing, it is important that you have a strong and experienced Lowell divorce court lawyer in your corner who will make sure that your needs and wants are represented. Call the Law Office of Bruce A. Gage today to arrange an initial consultation. Call 978-384-1078 or 877-829-0831.

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