Lowell Removal Attorney: Child Custody and Removal

Lowell Removal AttorneyA removal refers to a situation where one parent needs to move out of state and wants to take a minor child with him or her. Typically, a parent may seek to move the child out of state due to a job change, new marriage, or other valid reason. Removal cases can be very difficult and are usually vigorously contested. For this reason, you will want to work with a Lowell removal attorney.

Massachusetts Law as Explained by a Lowell Removal Attorney

Massachusetts law regarding removals is complicated. A Lowell removal lawyer can explain to you that the law generally provides that a minor child with roots in the state shall only be removed out of the state in certain situations:

  • Child’s Consent. If the minor child is old enough to give consent, a Lowell removal attorney can explain to you that the parent seeking removal will typically need the approval of the child.
  • Parents’ Consent. If the minor child is not old enough to give consent, both parents usually need to consent to the removal. This can be difficult to obtain in a bitter divorce or custody hearing.
  • Real Advantage. In limited situations, a court may allow removal even if consent is not given if there is a real advantage for the removal and the court determines it’s in the best interest of the minor children.

To remove a child out-of-state, you will need to either receive consent or have a court order justifying the removal. Consent can be difficult to obtain in contested case, and you should consider talking to a Lowell removal lawyer to review real advantage rights and to start gathering evidence to prove an advantage to moving your child out of state.

Contact a Lowell Removal Attorney

Removal cases involving minor children are usually contested and rarely settled out-of-court. To learn more about a specific removal issue, talk to an experienced Lowell removal lawyer.

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