Lowell Alimony Attorney and Spousal Support

Lowell Alimony AttorneyAlimony generally refers to money that one spouse must pay to the other spouse following divorce. Alimony may also be referred to as spousal support. Alimony is not awarded automatically, and the arguments to collect can be complicated. For this reason, if you believe you are entitled to alimony, you will want to talk to a Lowell alimony attorney.

Lowell Alimony Lawyer Explains Your Right to Spousal Support

Massachusetts law provides a list of factors and considerations for a family law court to consider when deciding whether alimony should be paid and how much should be awarded. A Lowell alimony attorney can review the relevant factors in your case; however, some of the common considerations include:

  • Length of Marriage. The longer you are married, the more alimony you stand to collect. While length of marriage alone will not guarantee you will collect support, a Lowell alimony attorney can explain to you that a longer marriage may equate to a larger award.
  • Income and Earning Capacity. A judge will consider both spouses’ ability to make a living post-divorce in awarding any alimony. If there is no economic need for support, a Lowell alimony lawyer can explain that support may not be awarded even if otherwise justified.
  • Age and Health. If a spouse is older and suffering from a health condition, that spouse has a better claim for support.
  • Contributions to the Marriage. Often, one spouse will sacrifice his or her career to benefit the other spouse. A Lowell alimony attorney can explain that this is often the case for stay-at-home parents. In these situations, the sacrificing spouse may be entitled to a large award.

These are just some considerations that a family law judge may consider. You will want to talk to an attorney to learn more about your specific case.

Lowell Alimony Attorney

If you are going through a divorce, you should talk to a Lowell alimony lawyer to learn your rights to collect spousal support. The arguments to collect alimony are very fact-specific and you will want an experienced attorney on your side.

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