Protecting Your Kids During Divorce

Lowell divorce attorneyA Lowell divorce attorney can tell you that divorce is often a contentious process. Sometimes, children are in the crossfire of their parent’s separation. Courts may treat children as a small aspect of the divorce process for whom details must be worked out. However, many conscientious parents realize how important the children’s well-being is during and after the divorce. A Lowell divorce attorney can provide advice about how to mitigate damage to your children during this trying time.


One of the primary methods that a Lowell divorce lawyer might recommend to protect children during divorce is to exclude them from the process. They should not witness their parents fighting. Additionally, they should not be relegated to the process as spies, friends or pawns. During this transitional time, it is important that children have a consistent home life. An abrupt change in a parent’s role can be confusing to children.


Children should be reassured that both parents still love the children. It is important to retain the bond between parent and child. They should also know that the divorce is not their fault.


Parents should strive to set a positive example for their children during marriage. Any inappropriate conduct could potentially be held against that parent in a custody case.


In addition to providing reassurance, a strong example and consistency, parents should monitor their children. They should look for any change of behavior after the parents have separated so that they can get the help the child needs.

If you would like more information about how to protect your kids during your divorce, a Lowell divorce attorney at the Law Office of Bruce A. Gage is available for consultation at 978-384-1078 or 877-829-0831.

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