Children’s Needs for Ages 13 to 18

Lowell family law attorneyA Lowell family law attorney can advise parents about the needs that their children have during divorce. Their needs may differ as they age. For example, teens between the ages of 13 to 18 may start naturally separating from their family to establish closer ties to their peers. A divorce might propel a child to this shift and expose a child to risky behaviors, such as drug use, alcohol use, sexual activity and truancy. This situation can be particularly problematic for this age group because their brains are still developing and they have not fully developed their judgement and conscience. Children may also be fearful of what the divorce will mean to them, such as loss of contact with a parent or a higher financial burden. A Lowell family law attorney can help explain strategies that might assist children of this age group.

Coping Strategies

Parents may feel the natural need to retreat to deal with the emotional burden of a divorce. However, parents must usually increase their supervision of their children, reinforce boundaries and act as role models. With a strong example at home, the children can model this behavior. Additionally, parents should strive to cooperate as a team in their parenting by setting clear boundaries and monitoring their children’s involvement in school and their social lives.

Parenting Plans

Parenting plans can help create arrangements that factor in the self-discovery that often occurs during the teen years. A Lowell family law attorney may recommend establishing plans that allow children to see their friends because they are an important aspect of their life.

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