Handling Finances During a Divorce

Lowell divorce lawyerA Lowell divorce lawyer will help a client prepare for a divorce with advice on how to handle financial issues.

Your Lowell Divorce Attorney Will Tell You What to Do With Liquid Funds
When you are divorcing, your Lowell divorce lawyer will tell you to do the following with your liquid funds:
1) Open a checking account separate from your joint account.
2) Put some cash aside in a safe, accessible place in case marriage accounts are frozen.
3) Negotiate with the spouse on handling joint accounts.
4) Get a credit card in your name and close any joint credit card accounts. Keep an eye on your credit score for any tricks the spouse might use.

A Lowell Divorce Lawyer Will Assist You in Handling Savings
For savings, it is wise to do the following:
1) Place a freeze on joint investment accounts. This is done so there can be no withdrawals made or loans taken out on them. It’s important to have statements.
2) In the event there is a retirement account in the spouse’s name, ask the administrator of the plan for an up-to-date statement and details of it.

Contact an Experienced Lowell Divorce Lawyer
If you have questions about your finances during a divorce, a Lowell divorce attorney can help. Call the Law Office of Bruce A. Gage at 978-384-1078 or 877-829-0831 today.

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