A Divorce Lawyer in Lowell Discusses Contact Schedules for Children

divorce lawyer in LowellIn this blog, a divorce lawyer in Lowell provides advice concerning the scheduling of visitations for children according to their ages.

Babies and Children Under 18 Months
When you and your divorce lawyer in Lowell begin to create a contact schedule for your children, it should be remembered that toddlers and infants should have visits that are brief but occur more often than older children. There should be as much resemblance between the homes as possible so that the babies see, smell and hear approximately the same things. If a babysitter or nanny is used, the same person should care for the child every time.

Your divorce lawyer in Lowell will caution you that both parents should follow similar schedules for daily visits or overnight stays when it comes to feeding times, baby foods or formulas used, times for naps, baths, bedtime and the like. Consistency is extremely important to children this young and unfamiliar surroundings or strange people can be unsettling.

Toddlers to 3 Years Old
As with infants, continuity and structure are vital. Your divorce attorney in Lowell will stress this in all aspects of your child’s normal routine. The same procedures with regards to baths, bedtimes, potty training and so on should be observed by both parents.

Your divorce attorney in Lowell will recommend that contact visits with children from 3 to 5 years old be predictable and regular. Children that small must be able to feel confident that they will see each parent at reliable times. Use of a calendar with visits highlighted will reinforce this. Again, structure and continuity are both vital and reassuring, so the homes and the routines followed should resemble each other as much as can be managed. Additional days or week-long visits may be suitable when the child is not in school.

Seek Qualified Advice
Your divorce lawyer in Lowell is a valuable resource for help, information and guidance. Contact the Law Office of Bruce A. Gage at 978-384-1078 or 877-829-0831 today.

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