Frequent and Stable Contact Schedule for Children 2 Years or Younger

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A Lowell Child Relocation Attorney Offers Advice for Parenting Plans for Very Young Children

Children who are two years old or younger must form a secure emotional bond with protective care givers, which can be achieved if the care givers display responsiveness and consistency.

Your Lowell child relocation attorney may break down this group by age, for your reference.

  • Younger than 2 months old – the child will generally respond to any caregiver.
  • 2 to 6 months old – the child will begin to identify and prefer a primary caregiver.
  • 7 months to 2 years old – a child will actively seek preferred caregivers.
  • 15 to 24 months old – at this point, the child is old enough to possibly complain about separation.

A Lowell Child Relocation Attorney Discusses the Need for Reliable Parenting Schedule
Children will show signs of distress when leaving one or both parents or coming back to one or both parents. Children, even babies, will also become easily frightened, clinging and sensitive or develop sleep or eating disorders if the parents are:

  • Emotionally insensitive or hostile as a result of their own emotional issues;
  • Constantly quarrel or argue in front of the children; or
  • Are abusive to each other.

To promote a secure yet comforting environment children require, a Lowell child relocation lawyer will suggest that you and your spouse collaborate on a feeding and sleep schedule. The children should enjoy a reliable, consistent and firm scheduled contact with both parents and must be protected from harmful disputes over routines.

Your Lowell Child Relocation Lawyer Will Stress the Importance of Frequent Contact

Meeting only every other weekend with your children at this stage leaves too much gap time between contact and may harm the children. If they do not meet frequently with the parents, they may experience difficulties with bonding with parents and separation anxiety when removed from primary caregivers.

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