Tips on Effective Shared Parenting Following Divorce

Lowell child relocation lawyerDivorced spouses are advised to retain a Lowell child relocation lawyer who will offer legal advice on creating a parenting plan.

Promptly Address Parenting Issues

A Lowell child relocation lawyer will advise you and your spouse to address parenting issues promptly before there is disruption caused by the inevitable and unpredictable new concerns and parenting issues brought forth by divorce. A Lowell Child relocation Lawyer will also help you to nip these problems at the bud.

To help you and your spouse do this, A Lowell child relocation attorney will go over some common parenting themes listed below. Some will involve casual reminders and conversation while others may require something more serious such as direct statements and mandates. Any type of behavior that deviates from sound parenting will harm the children and disrupt the divorce process.

Structure, as Defined by a Lowell child relocation lawyer

Meeting with your kids only when it suits your schedule is not beneficial to the children. Unlike grownups, children need structure to experience security and healthy development. Both the children and your spouse will be adversely affected if you constantly show up unexpectedly. Meeting with the children addresses their needs, not yours, so be sure to find time to meet with them.

Utilizing calendars, suggested by Lowell Child Relocation Attorney

A set calendar will act as a structure that provide a sense of security the children requires. Simply create a calendar for mom and dad, highlighting dad’s days and mom’s days in different colors. This way, the child knows what to expect and provides the much needed structure.

 Handling Emergencies at School

You and your spouse should reach an agreement promptly on who should be contacted in the case of emergency. This responsibility is best suited for a parent who has the most flexibility. If mom earns a salary and can make up for lost time but the dad is paid hourly and can’t leave so easily, then the mom will be the emergency contact. If the dad is unemployed, he can pick up the kids. However, the school should have both parent’s numbers.

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