Three Tips for Testifying at Your Divorce Trial

 Lowell Family Law AttorneyIf you and your spouse have been unable to come to an agreement, your case will move to trial. You will be expected to testify on your own behalf at your trial. Here are some tips from a Lowell family law attorney on how you can most effectively testify.

Don’t Make Guesses

If you don’t know the exact answer to a question, say so. Don’t make a guess or estimate. You will be committing yourself to testimony that you and your Lowell family law attorney might not agree on. If you must make a guess, make sure to say “I’m guessing” or “approximately.”

Don’t Volunteer Information

Many witnesses are naturally inclined to be helpful and give out information. Your Lowell divorce trial is not the place for this. The more you give away to opposing counsel, the more damage you will do to your case, especially if you give answers that you are not entirely certain of in your desire to be helpful. Answer only the question that was asked by the opponent’s Lowell family law attorney and no more. Similarly, don’t give excuses of explanations, as it will only make you appear defensive.

Do Not Argue With the Opposing Counsel

Your spouse’s Lowell family law attorney will certainly say things you think are wrong and want to correct. This is a natural inclination, but you should avoid it. Arguing with the attorney will be unsuccessful and simply prompt the attorney to ask you more questions and will just annoy the judge.

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