Your Lowell Divorce Court Attorney on Child Custody Evaluation Preparation


Lowell divorce court attorney
The importance of your child custody evaluation cannot be understated. As such, your Lowell divorce court attorney has provided some tips about how staying organized and keeping in close contact with him can help you throughout the process.

Your Lowell Divorce Court Attorney on Staying Organized
Your child custody evaluation may cost upwards of a thousand dollars, but with careful organization you can help to minimize what you have to pay. Your Lowell divorce court lawyer will suggest that you arrive to your first meeting with the psychologist prepared with a list of parties with which you would like him to speak and why as well as their contact information. When you meet with the evaluator, give him copies of all relevant documents right away.

Your Lowell Divorce Court Lawyer on Maintaining Contact
Keeping your attorney apprised of every development in your case will be very important to its success. He will be sure that the process is moving along as normal and that all rules are being followed. Your attorney will help you to prepare for any meetings you have, such as those with the evaluator and psychologist.

Successful Evaluation
A successful evaluation begins with your own effort. Staying organized and updating your Lowell divorce court attorney at every step can make a substantial difference. To get started today, call Law Office of Bruce A. Gage at 978-384-1078 or 877-829-0831.

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