Determining Credibility Regarding the Marital Estate

Lowell Family Law LawyerIn order to reach a divorce settlement, spouses must determine the value of their assets so that their Lowell family law lawyer can help them receive their fair share. In order to accomplish this task, the spouses may gather evidence. The credibility of this evidence may vary based on the type of evidence that the Lowell family law lawyer acquires from the spouse.

Least Credible

The least credible evidence is a mere statement by the interested party. For example, a spouse may say what he or she believes the marital home is worth.

More Credible

In the case of a home valuation, a market analysis is more credible. Likewise, an appraisal of the home is more credible because it is based on the assessment of a third party whose experience is in valuating properties.

Most Credible

The price that is acquired through a sale of the property is most credible. The open market can help prove the value of the property.

Importance of Credible Evidence

A Lowell divorce attorney will want the most credible evidence that it is possible to acquire to help prove the position of his or her client. The court is more likely to accept the value of a property if the most credible evidence is presented. During mediation, a mediator may recommend acquiring an appraisal or market analysis if the parties do not agree on the value of a piece of marital property.

A Lowell family law lawyer is available for consultation regarding the valuation of marital property through a consultation which can be made by contacting the Law Office of Bruce A. Gage at 978-384-1078 or 877-829-0831.

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