Collaborative Divorce

If you would like to have an amicable divorce, your Lowell family law firm may suggest seeking a “collaborative divorce.” This is similar to mediation that is provided by an attorney.

Background of Collaborative Divorce

A Lowell family law firm may provide you with a background on this type of service. It was created in the 1990s. Now about 20,000 lawyers in the nation are involved with this process. It recognizes that the adversarial system common in American courtrooms is not best equipped to grapple with the emotional issues that commonly arise during divorce.

Negative Aspects of Adversarial Procedures

The Lowell family law firm that represents you can discuss the negative aspects of divorce litigation with you. For example, a winner and loser must emerge from this type of proceeding. One spouse winds up with the children, spousal support or an asset. However, viewing parents and spouses as winners and losers may not be the best perspective for a family.

Benefits of Collaborative Divorce

In contrast, collaborative divorce recognizes that there is not a specific finality in family law cases like there is in other types of litigation. It focuses on the long-term benefits of the family and allows for more flexibility than traditional litigation.

Legal Assistance

If you would like to learn more about the concept of collaborative divorce, a Lowell family law attorney can help. Contact the Law Office of Bruce A. Gage at (978) 384-1078 or (877) 829-0831 in order to schedule a confidential consultation with a family law attorney.

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