Jury Duty in Massachusetts

Before you go to court, to perform jury service, take measures to be available for up to three days, if necessary. If you have children, schedule childcare. Notify your employer and look into their policy for jury duty and compensation. At some companies, employers will compensate more than just the first three days of jury service

To ensure you are still needed, confirm your status at the Massachusetts Juror Service or by calling the Juror Line number provided on your Reminder Notice. Sometimes cases are resolved without a jury or the available judges are busy; so its good to call in advance to make sure you will still be needed. The Juror Line can also provide information such as details about parking or if you’re allowed to have mobile device in the courthouse.

When you receive your Reminder Notice, you’ll find information such as the address of the courthouse, directions and the Juror Line phone number. If you visit Massachusetts Juror Service, you can view  the courthouse you’ll be serving at and read the reporting information along with finding directions to your courthouse.If you are unable to attend Jury Duty due to a personal emergency, contact the office of Jury Commissioner at 1-800-THE-JURY. If there are severe weather conditions, contact the Juror Line to learn about any cancellations or delays.

Although there is no dress code for jury duty, you should avoid wearing anything that is too casual or revealing. Is some cases, the judge may give you additional direction in what to wear as an active juror.

Remember, Thomas Jefferson once said that Jury Service was the most important right/obligation in a free society so enjoy the same.

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