Car Accident Attorney in Concord, Nashua & Pelham NH

Attorney Bruce Gage recognizes that car accidents can not only be scary, but expensive and life threatening as well. If you have been involved in a car accident in Concord, Nashua or Pelham, NH or any surrounding NH towns, our civil litigation lawyer will battle for what is lawfully yours.

Attorney Gage knows the money, time & stress that a car accident can cause both parties involved. A great number of car accidents cause a loss of income, pain and suffering as well as large medical bills. Attorney Gage works diligently to get his client’s the personal injury settlement they deserve.

Attorney Bruce Gage is devoted to working for the injured in personal injury cases. He is passionate in seeing that his clients obtain justice. Attorney Gage has years of experience and can handle even the most difficult and challenging cases. To schedule a free consultation about your car accident claim, contact Attorney Gage at 978 454-9121 (office) or his cell phone at (413) 519-2796.

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