In a typical tax year, April 15th is the usual deadline to file individual income tax returns. However, due to some special circumstances in 2016, there are some unique deadlines for tax payers that give them a few extra days to prepare and file returns.

Tax returns for 2015 are due on April 18, 2016. This is because on Friday, April 15th, it is Emancipation Day, which is an official public holiday in Washington D.C. This day is typically celebrated on April 16th, however, when April 16th falls on a Saturday (which happens this year), then this holiday gets moved back one day and the tax deadline is moved to Monday, April 18th.

As an added dynamic this year, residents of both Maine and Massachusetts get another extra day to file because the statewide holiday of Patriots’ Day (which both states observe) falls on the April 18th.

For this reason, the tax deadline for individuals residing in Massachusetts and Maine is on Tuesday, April 19th, 2016.

2016 is a unique tax filing year, so you will have a few extra days to get your returns in order and filed in a timely manner. It is best not to wait until the last minute — tax preparers are typically swamped the closer it gets to the middle of April.

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