The law offices of Bruce A. Gage proudly serves Windham, NH and other communities in New Hampshire. Attorney Gage has an extensive knowledge working in civil litigations, family law and tax law.

As an attorney in Windham, Gage specializes in family law issues including; child support, custody, and visitation issues. If you are going through a divorce, you will want an experienced divorce attorney. Divorce issues can become highly contested and personal. This is especially true if there are minor children impacted by the divorce. An attorney as your advocate can work on your difficult legal issues, allowing you to focus on your personal affairs.

Gage also works with tax law, providing expertise in tax collection, audits, litigations and appeals. If you have a business or personal legal dispute, you will want a civil litigation attorney on your side to represent your interests and ensure that you are protected. An experienced attorney beside you can offer peace of mind as you deal with opposing parties and provide confidence when faced with complex legal matters.

If you have any questions about a tax matter or family law issue, contact the Law Office of Bruce A. Gage by calling (978)-961-0093.