A Lowell Levies and Seizures Attorney Stopping a Seizure

Lowell Levies and Seizures AttorneyWhen an individual or business becomes delinquent on tax obligations, the IRS and Massachusetts tax revenue departments have broad powers in collection of those obligations. A Lowell levies and seizures attorney can best explain that the IRS follows a three step process.

Notice of Demand for Payment

This is a written letter specifying the amount owed and the timeframe for payment. Typically, as a Lowell levies and seizures lawyer will explain to you, there is only a 10 day period for the taxpayer to remit all that is due.

The 10 Day Period

The taxpayer can cure the defect within this time period, but as a Lowell levies and seizures attorney understands from practical experience, most delinquent taxpayers simply do not have the money to pay what is owed.

Final Notice of Intent to Levy and Notice of Right to Hearing
After receipt of this notice, the taxpayer has 30 days to either:

• Request a review with an IRS manager, or
• Request a hearing with the IRS to appeal the tax assessment. The specific nature of this hearing (known as the Collection Due Process hearing) makes it all but imperative to have a Lowell levies and seizures attorney represent you.


At the hearing, your Lowell levies and seizures lawyer can present several arguments in your favor, based upon the individual facts of your case. Potential defenses include:

• The IRS miscalculated the original assessment
• You have already paid the assessment
• Some other party (e.g. spouse, business partner) is responsible for the assessment

A Lowell levies and seizures attorney emphasizes that any defense can only be brought at the hearing if a timely response is made to the Final Notice. It is imperative not to miss that deadline.

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